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You feel: A hunger to discover and embody your life's purpose. A thirst to experience a fulfilling career that will catalyze human beings to evolve. A community that is bright, well educated, emotionally mature, intellectually curious, and on fire with the possibilities of human potential. An uncompromising self-discovery program taught by an industry expert in the field of Purpose Guiding. What This Course Gives You. A Sense of Belonging Knowing your purpose brings a sense of intimacy with life. A Shape to Your Life Purpose is like a container that you pour your life into.

A Letter From Jonathan. With Love, Jonathan.

A Highly Practical Guide to Key Buddhist Teachings

What Purpose Gives The World. What Students Are Saying. Thank you for your commitment to life, adulthood and evolution. I so appreciate your gifts and skills as you act as a midwife for your students soul-level purpose. This journey with you and the group has helped keep my light shining bright.

Jonathan is a knowledgeable guide and is genuinely experienced in helping people find their true purpose.

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The experience in the group continues to inform my spiritual practice, and led me to friendships that I still have today. Furthermore, it helped me discover that I wanted to seek further training as a life coach. Jonathan takes what can be a very etherial subject and makes it concrete!

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He inspired me, motivated me, pushed me and ultimately helped lead me to some profound shifts that have changed my life for the better. He created a unique space that allowed me to drop out of the rat race for a few hours and return to my inner stillness where I learned how powerful my intention can be when I commit wholeheartedly to a goal.

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Thank you, Jonathan, for your service! The ability to change my life and create the world of my dreams no longer feels like a foggy notion, but reality. My life has truly changed for the best working with Jonathan. I began by taking the Soul Quest course and followed up with continuing my practice by participating in his weekly Integral Awakening Group for a year, and then followed that with another Soul Quest. I follow my nose and listen more to my heart than my head these days. Bottom line: It works! Excellent, heartfelt and inspiring in every role he plays.

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His purpose discovery work is amazing and a gift I wish for every human. Our work together has been hugely catalytic in helping me integrate my spiritual, philosophical, romantic and work lives. Please, give yourself the gift of working with him. I was searching for something more meaningful and fulfilling. Jonathan helped me clarify what was really important to me and what I wanted to give to the world.

And, the biggest gift I received was the deeply felt knowledge that I was already living my purpose at this stage in my life.

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I am forever grateful. What You'll Learn. The Twelve Core Modules We'll cover. How to recognize your own soul right now and begin to let it animate your being. How to identify your specific default purpose that veils your True Purpose. How to practice Purpose-Inquiry effectively: "What would Soul do? How to uncover the authentic concerns of these parts of yourself.

How Soul is the place where the future is arising out of the present. A guided meditation that takes you to the place where the present meets the future. An ancient nature-based ceremony that has been practiced throughout the ages. How to prepare for SoulQuest, what to bring, how to stay safe. How your calling is inborn, and that your mission is to obey the imperatives of your Soul. What your High-Definition giveaway is, specifically: Who are the people for whom my Giveaway is meant? What circumstances are my people in when they come to me?

Why You Want This in the First Place?

In other words, once you clarify and then stay focused on your vision you can do this with a vision board or meditation , the exact steps will keep appearing along the way in the form of internal guidance, creating ideas, and new opportunities. You can find out more about Adam at asmithblog. Keep going backwards until you get to the first step. This was a turning point in his life. I felt this way once. An office, a classroom, a construction site, the ocean, the forest?

When is the optimum time to meet my people and perform my Giveaway? Where will my Giveaway happen? Why does performing my Giveaway have personal and evolutionary significance? How do I perform the Giveaway?

The Ascent

What are the progressive steps of the ladder of my Giveaway? A powerful method for making purposeful choices. A practice for rooting out what is not purposeful for your evolution. A technique for living purposefully immediately. The wisdom of authentic failures. How to re-enter your former life, bringing your unique gifts to your people.

How to keep the flame of your Vision alive in the midst of an often indifferent world. Practices for protecting your Vision from fading into a memory.

What Is My Purpose in Life?

To construct a purpose statement that accurately distills the essence of your purpose. What Makes this Course Unique. Jonathan is a person of great integrity, from whom I am ever learning. He guides his students in both directions, down as well as up. I have had the pleasure of witnessing Jonathan teach — he is delightfully personable and humble and is exceptionally clear, thorough, penetrating, engaging, and inspiring. He connects with a timing that feels organic and mutual. What a critical skill for harmoniously working with polarity of meditation and purpose work.

He is always striving to incorporate more truth, and to embrace and midwife the awakening of more and more of the whole person.

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What You'll Receive. Register Now. Still, your WHY might be different. Before we even leave solid ground you need this as your anchor, just in case things get a little foggy. To find it just answer this question:. Write down or remember whatever comes up.

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It might be some of the above reasons or it might be something entirely different. Whatever it is cherish it, nothing is too far left field.

Before any great adventure, you want to make sure your tools and supplies are in working order. Think of these items as the underlying code of conduct for your journey.