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No nos azotemos las espaldas. Pues acabo de ver tal mapa Hola, soy un usuario nuevo aqui. El problema es que hay diversos usuarios, entre los que me encuentro yo mismo, que tenemos puntos totalmente opuestos en lo que a lo que el articulo debe incluir se refiere.

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Por este motivo me gustaria pedir vuestra participacion para que aporteis ideas nuevas que puedan solventar las continuas reversiones. Podeis encontrar la actual discusion aqui. Muchas gracias por vuestra ayuda, estoy seguro de que sera muy util. Awfik 7 sep CEST. Un abrazo. Dark 8 sep CEST. Saludos cordiales a todos. Volvio, volvio! Tenemos mucho trabajo por hacer Should it go in the wrong place on your wiki, please help by correcting the link on the page on meta. Hola a todos los wikipedistas chilenos Rakela 14 sep CEST.

Ya regresando al tema, tengan ustedes la bondad de servirse de estos pomos lo que gusten y manden, y chupando, que es gerundio. Yavidaxiu 'u. Y bueno Leonprimer 18 sep CEST. He recibido esta noticia ayer en mi correo. Extracto el correo, para que la comunidad valore el alcance de esta noticia:. Estimados todos, considero llegado el momento de presentar mi renuncia al cargo de bibliotecario.

Me apena que por algo como una plantilla se haya llegado a estos extremos. Un saludo. On the streets of Cuba both are discussed today. I alert the reader at this point that, for now, I will not argue for or against one of these two hypotheses, or their various combinations. Those who adhere to the hypothesis of the evil conspiracy read the words of President Obama as a false promise or a subtle deception that follow a plan designed to open the doors to US capital and the influence of US media; to allow expansion in Cuba of an economically privileged sector, which eventually would evolve into the social foundation for capitalist restoration and the renouncing of our national sovereignty.

Cubans who think like that are entitled to do so: there are many facts in the common history that justify this enormous distrust. These are known and I do not need to list them here. Many people remember the famous phrase attributed to President Franklin D. Certainly neither President Obama, nor the current generations of US Americans of good will there are many are to blame, as individuals, for the early stages of this historical trajectory.

But it is also undeniable that the history is there, and it imposes constraints on what they can do, and on how we interpret what they do. Historical processes are much longer than a human life, and events that occurred many decades ago influence our choices today, because they condition collective attitudes that have an objective existence, relatively independent of the ideas and intentions of the leaders. Even distancing President Obama from the aggressive and immoral policies of previous administrations, which organized invasions, sheltered terrorists, encouraged assassinations of Cuban leaders and implemented the attempt to starve the Cuban people; even establishing this distinction, we cannot forget that Obama alone is not the political class in the United States.

There are many other components of power there. We are seeing them in the current election campaign.

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To be honest with everyone who reads this note, I must admit that President Obama did not give the impression here of being the articulator of an evil conspiracy, but of being an intelligent and educated man who believes in what he says. What happens then is that the things he believes in he has every right are different from those we believe in also with every right.

That is the second hypothesis: divergent conceptions about human society. It was very clear that the main direction of the US relationship with Cuba will be in the economic field and within this field the main strategy will be to relate to the non-state sector and support it.

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On the need for the existence of a non-state sector in the Cuban economy, we have no differences. In fact, the expansion of the space of the self-employed and the cooperatives is part of the implementation of the Guidelines of the 6th Party Congress. The divergence lies in the role that such non-state sector should have in our economy:. We knew how to avoid those mistakes in the beginning of the Special Period, after the disappearance of the European socialist bloc and the rise of the neoliberal ideological tide of the 90s.

We will know how to do it now, even better. Civilized coexistence certainly leads us away from the dangers and barbarities of war military and economic , but does not spare us from the battle in the realm of ideas. The battle of ideas means to consolidate thinking and consensus on where we want to go, and on the concrete ways to get there.

The waters of the Straits of Florida should not be a field of war, and it is very good for everyone that they are not so; but those waters will continue separating for a long time two different conceptions of human coexistence , of the organization of people for social life and work, as well as the distribution of its fruits.

And it is also very good that this is so. The basic belief of capitalism, even of those who so honestly believe in it, is the construction of material prosperity based on private property and competition. Ours is based on the creativity driven by the ideals of social equity and solidarity among people, including future generations. Our concept of society is the future, and although the future is delayed, stuck in the objectives of the present constraints, it remains being what we must fight for.

Private property and competition are the past; and although that past continues, of necessity, existing within the present, it remains being the past. We must always see the concepts behind the spoken words, and the arguments behind the words unuttered.

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The battle for our ideal of human coexistence will be in the hands of the present generation of young Cubans. In their times, they will face challenges different than those of the revolutionary generations of the twentieth century. But their challenges will be equally large and momentous, and also more complex. But I can share with young people the analysis of what is being said today, and the unveiling of what is not said.

And I can build with them the intellectual tools we need for the battles to come. En las calles de Cuba se discute hoy sobre ambas. Mucha gente recuerda la famosa frase atribuida al Presidente Franklin D. Sabremos hacerlo mejor ahora.

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Buy No permitamos que nos cambien by ruben garcia cebollero (ISBN: Start reading No permitamos que nos cambien: poesía (Spanish Edition) on your. May not be copied. scanned. or duplicated. in whole or in part. innatos, el adagio también nos recuerda que una actitud no tiene que ser inamovible ni definitiva. en que permitamos que los demás olas situaciones cambien nuestra actitud.

La batalla de ideas consiste en consolidar pensamiento y consenso sobre hacia donde queremos ir, y sobre los caminos concretos para llegar.