Tales of the Deer Witch : A Fantasy Novel

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But soon after arriving on the secluded island Gwen began having vivid dreams of supernatural creatures with sapphire blue eyes. These beings possessed the ability to shift into the shape of a deer, could breathe underwater and all six senses were wildly enhanced in both human and animal form.

The more Gwen learned about these mysterious shapeshifters, the more she began to question her own unknown past. Diving In. Gretchen Galway. Play Me 1: Play Me Wild. Tracy Wolff. Unlit Star. Lindy Zart. Play Me 5: Play Me Right. Elise Sax. Lucy's Home for Girls Raised by Wolves. Karen Russell. Envy of Angels. Matt Wallace. Nicola Rendell. The Long Way Home. Jasinda Wilder. Bumpy Ride.

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Olivia Rigal. Girls Day Out. Anna Banks. Flame Kissed.

Tales of the Deer Witch: A Fantasy Novel

Annie Anderson. One Funeral. Kat Bastion. Toys Go Out. Emily Jenkins.

Be(ing) a Dear Deer

Blue Moon Hollow's Eve. Trinity Blacio. Eme Strife. Daire Meets Ever. Lexy Timms. Boy Robot. Simon Curtis. With Every Breath.

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Lia Riley. Alex Van Tol. The Illusion of Annabella. Jessica Sorensen. Refresh, Refresh. Benjamin Percy. Cat Calls. Cynthia Leitich Smith. Ezra Dawn. Kaui Hart Hemmings. Dream Clouds. Rosalinda Weel. Elana K. Old Souls, New Coat of Paint. Heidi Van Dolah. She is broken like him, and has nightmares. It's a hard book to find, because I read it back in the late 90's it was a young adult fiction. It had a carasouel with horses on the front cover, I just don't remember the name or authoer.

Any help would be great! Lisa Here is Lisa's previous post, so all the information is together, Suzanne. I read this beautiful story about a young adult who lives in an abandoned Carasouel or behind it and then saves a girl from drowning in the ocean. He doesn't think much of her at first, he gets a job on the beach at some shop. He soon grows to love the girl. It's a hard story to find and I would love to know the title and Author. Thank you so very much it would mean alot to me!

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I was given the book Christmas or It had lots of fun Christmas stories. One was a puppy who found a home for Christmas.

My favorie was a "German" story about an uncle in a log cabin jail who carved gifts for his niece and nephew. They exchanged the gifts and long Christmas cookies through the jail keyhole.

Deer Life: A Fairy Tale

Any ideas? As I recall it has individual stories in it about a naughty fox named Frankie Fox and a bunny that saves the day. The rabbit's name might be Chipper or Chester. One of the stories is about the rabbit saving a candy store and another about him preventing a train from being wrecked by foiling Frankie's plans.

Thanks for any help! I am looking for a hardback covered book of bedtime stories for children from Some of the stories are " A windy day", "blowing bubbles", "scrambled eggs", "Swimming lessons", "a pantomime", "Winston goes to sea", " Vera and her pony", " the diary", "the cat who read", Emma goes shopping", "moving day", "the twins and the tree house", "space age Jimmy", "camping out". It is possible that this was a book from the U.

Magic Fantasy Music - A Witch's Tale

The stories are one and two pages long with a bit of illustration under the caption or at the bottom of the page. Thank you! I'm looking for a text book that had a purple cover with a picture of a bee.

I'm looking for a book I read as a child in the 90s. Not sure when it was published. I remember a little girl who walks home from school because she skins her knee, I think. She walks by herself but on the way she talks to rocks, flowers and trees. There's a thunderstorm and she finally makes it home.

If you are able to Have you voted yet? If you are in an early voting or mail in ballot state remember to vote today When we see the long lines of people who have waited hours in Florida to cast their ballots, we want to pay our respects to our wonderful Polk County Oregon Clerk, Val Unger, who makes sure that every count is correct and that every person who wants to vote has the information to do so. Suzanne and Truman. Im looking for a childrens book about a plant looks like a monstera philodendron with large glossy leaves that grows and grows and eventually takes over the inside of house - it has a picture in it of a boy playing a piano in a room filled with the plant.

It much have been around in the early 70s when i was a child. Any pointers would be appreciated.