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Piedra Carvajal m is just on top of a promontory that rises from the feet of a huge waterfall frozen in the winter verFoto4, that you see at the end and the right of the valley when we continue in the direction of the peak the waterfall of Sulfatos, the principal tributary of Yerba Loca. One climbs this hill in an hour or hour and a half. Once on top, on one side of the base of Falso Altar, a large plateau of meadows and a pond demarcate the traditional camping place.

Under the west ridge of the valley, crossing the river that comes from the glaciers of Paloma and Altar, you find a stone shelter used by horsemen that also serves as a campsite Casa de Piedra Carvajal. This is a protected place, with some basic provisions for subsistence, but full of rodents! You will find another optional place for camping after one hour of walking, following the course of the river until a point where it is possible to see the lower part of the enormous hanging glacier of Paloma which is some meters distant from this point, in a straight line , in front of Morro Negro, at some meters of altitude.

The old custom was to use this place as a campsite, since in other times there was a refuge built by the Andean Federation. There also is the alternative to pitch a second camp on a plateau that you find in the middle of the snowfields that you must climb to find the summit.

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You will find this place at approximately meters, some two hours from the refuge with packs normally you will have to melt snow at this camp. From Piedra Carvajal to the summit takes between 6 and 8 hours. Once in the sector of the hanging glacier, you should follow the snowfield adjacent to Morro Negro and the glacier, following along the west side of the rocky ridge of the Morro the long snowfield towards the north.

Once reaching the plateau, it requires between an hour and hour and a half to reach the end of the valley 4.

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Finally, in less than one hour, you make a traverse over the final portion of the glacier, of gentle grade, that leaves us some meters from the summit, which you can reach after climbing a scree slope. The summit ridge is long, and a bit exhausting, very airy towards the north face, and a little exposed towards the south. In the traverse over the ridge, many will lose sight of the highest point. From the summit ridge, you have a very good view of all of the great peaks of the sector, and the enormous open pit mine La Disputada, which you can feel roar during the nights at high camps verFoto2.

Those more strong or motivated can follow the ridge in search of Cerro Altar, which is climbable via this way. If you have an identification card of the Chilean Andean Federation, entrance is free. You may enter the park between 9: 00 y 00 hrs, and your departure should be before hrs. Do not drink water from Sulfatos stream, because it contains minerals in excess of those that can produce stomach disorders; instead drink water from the little streams distant more or less an hour between them.

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Tempting Yerva book. Read 2 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. A young acolyte in the midst of puberty finds monastic life a drag. A. Tempting Yerva - Kindle edition by Chris Turner. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note.

About the possibility of renting mules, talk with Sr. Luis Polanco phone: , who lives between the bridge Corral Quemado and curve 1 of the road to Farallones has a sign on the side of a store that is before curve 1. Arrive at the foot of the waterfall at an appropriate hour, so that the exposure to rockfall is the least possible. In summer, the thaws release profuse amounts of material in the Los Sulfatos stream, which makes the passage through the sector of the waterfall very dangerous.

Acampar en piedra Carvajal implica una jornada de cumbre muy larga, lo que sumado a la presencia de penitentes, hacen muy pesada esta ruta. Haciendo cumbre desde piedra Carvajal es bastante cansador sobre todo la bajada Octubre. Acampando el segundo dia en el plateau se hace mas corta la ultima jornada y se da tiempo para aclimatarse. Partir muy temprano el dia de la cumbre irbien abrigado por si sale viento mientras se sube la ultima parte del glaciar durante la madrugada.

Seria agradable contar con uyn dia extra para poder dormir en piedra carbajal antes de bajar hasta villa paulina. Realizada a mediados de Dic Salir de madrugada lo mas temprano posible para asegurar lograr cumbre a primera hora.

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