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I write about only books that keep me captivated! They are all stars in my opinion. I promise if you like thrillers, mystery, horror, paranormal; you will not be disappointed with any I add on this site. Great writing! Please read previous posts about her books. I will get there. Rachel Abbot; Kill Me Again, Nowhere Child I love the books she writes bc they're always mysteries and always has the same detectives working the cases, so you can keep up with the characters.

She has a new series that I love and I admire the female power in her books! Terri writes paranormal stories, and mysteries. Her characters are some that most everyone will like, and her books are not over the top in violence or foul language. Waines ; No Longer Safe a mystery that just threw me completely off, and I have already downloaded all the rest of her books! Great writer, and I just found her! These are most of all the rest of the books I have read over the past few months.

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He is extremely handsome, nice, funny, smart, and manly, despite staying cooped up writing songs or on his computer the whole day. She hides as Greyhill arrives in a helicopter. Sherry is funny and generous! Another woman purposely drank poisoned water and died of a fever. Joe Gribnau tells a wonderful tale and his story is complemented by Adrian Tans' beautiful and fun illustrations. When I downloaded it on my Kindle, I thought it was about a group of monks. In my bio, I mention the fact that I grew up with a prophecy hanging over me.

You, as a reader, will not be disappointed with any of these books. I read so many books per year, I have to write them in a notebook and then I put them on here. You can see his site asylum He is currently having a contest for filling a book; Skies of Madness, with short stories. It's free, and he's looking for talent! Okay, so I will conclude for now, but I will be adding more in the near future. Please try the above books because you will enjoy them all.

I do not and will not bash a writer. If you don't see them it's because I either haven't found them yet, I haven't had time, or I didn't like the book, so I won't list it. The Bone series is about the lives of medical examiners, police, rescue missions, and the stories behind the scene.. I love the series because the stories are ones you can grab a hold of and you get to know the characters well.

Each book has it's unique twists and turns, however, the characters are the same you have met in previous books, and you get to know them better with each story.

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I give all of these 5 stars because they hold your interest, they're fast paced, and each is a mystery of some sort. I love the way you also learn about different positions in the above fields of work. You not only learn how bones and dental records are helpful besides the obvious reasons, but also you learn how rescue teams work and why they included certain people on the team. All of these characters have a weakness, and that makes them more human. Hats off to Kendra! She's a great writer. Posting titles I have read I will be posting all the books I have read over the last few months in the next couple of days.

I haven't felt well, so I have slacked off I love writers that will do what these two did by sending me a personal autograph! Yes I bought the books, but I love what these writers do, and they are both great in their own genres. More books to read about soon! I have more books to write about His father told him a ghost story consisting of a place where kids were kept as slaves and mistreated and at night you can hear them scream. Craig finds himself in his own nightmare when he comes to a quickstop mart and his daughter is talking to a young guy, Josh, and later ends up shooting the owner while trying to stop Josh from killing himself and the store owner.

The nightmare of the scary stories his dad told him became very real that night after he sent his wife and daughters to her parent's house while Craig stayed behind to clean up the cabin. It had apparently been used to party and have sex by teenagers, and Craig needed to speak to the sheriff. Craig ends up in the worst case scenario in the end I can't give it away, but this is a 5 star all the way! Eerie is by Blake and Jordan Crouch is a great book! It's a little harder for me to describe because it's very twisted in a good, creepy, way. Grant and Paige, siblings are in a car wreck when they were very young.

Their mother had been dead a year, and one night coming home, their father lost control and was never the same afterwards. Grant and Paige were separated many times in foster homes, and after a rough life as kids, Grant became a detective, and he lost contact with Paige for long periods of time. While investigating several missing men, he ends up finding his sister living in a house and making a living as a high priced call girl. She is the link to what the missing men have in common.

However, when he gets inside her house, he realizes he can't leave. Paige hasn't left the house in months, and is looking pretty bad. Whenever he tries to leave he gets severe pain in his head and becomes so weak he can't walk. They figure out the reason for the sickness is upstairs under her bed. This all ties in with their father who is pretty much just an empty, but violent shell of a man in a nursing home.

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How can the two be tied together? Only Blake and Jordan could come up with this crazy tale. I loved the River series, and I hope Michael adds to it. I have to admit that the first couple were interesting and I enjoyed them, but the series got better with each book.

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The stories more intricate, more exciting, and I stayed up nights reading them. They were not full of extreme violence, but they did paint a picture of some gory paranormal experiences. This is a series of a son, Steven, and his father, Roy solving different paranormal problems for people in need. It started with Steven's own haunting.

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It started with Steven being a complete unbeliever in the paranormal. However, Roy explained the gift ran through generations in his family, and once Steven came to terms with the gift, he accepted it, and learned of his own gift.

He and his father, who at one time just wasn't that close We start with the first story of a child killer, Lukas, who is now dead and building power within his evil soul on the other side using the help of Michael, a follower in life and death. Steven later finding out he is more gifted than he or his father ever knew, but he's a newbie and just learning how to use his gift.

Favorite Romance Books of 2014:

Jason, Steven's son, begins to tell his father he's having weird dreams and has since he was about ten years old, and wants Steven to talk to him, but Steven feels he should hold back because he wanted Jason to finish college before knowing of his gift, which causes Jason to turn to another man, Michael. Yes, the evil Michael, however, Jason doesn't know about Michael and leaves with him to Nevada to learn of his gift. Michael knows Jason is Steven's son, and is all too excited to take Jason, and have Roy and Steven to have to come get him. Things just keep rolling from the first to the last book, and smoothly.

Michael Richan, author, doesn't use filler a term I use for unneeded words, descriptions, etc we readers could do without in any book. That's another reason I really like his books because he gets to the story, and keeps to the story, which keeps you interested each page.

This series also introduces so many other good characters. Eliza becomes a needed character and caregiver of the guys. She is gifted, bright, fun and helps the guys network out to meet other's who help. Dixon, Roy's old friend, also helps them.. At times the guys find someone who needs help, at other times Eliza will call with a problem, or Dixon will refer them. You will meet Deem, a young gifted girl, and Winn, a not as young gifted guy, when Roy and Steven go to Nevada to get Jason. They are great characters, and they are what the Downwinders series are about.

In the last 2 books in this series, you will briefly hear of Yann, a creepy man from the Dark River, the Achernar Group the Dark series , and of the figurine Steven finds at Eximere that is a major piece in the Dark series. I love how Michael ties all of them together. It's a great read, and you will learn of the dark side of the river.

The place that's addictive, and many gifted people go there, and lose themselves in this life to live in that dark place. The Achernar Group is trying to find a way for non-gifteds to access the River.

It'll keep you reading beginning to end, and you will find out what Yann is about, along with why the figurine in the River series is so important. I love these stories like I do all of Michael's stories.

They are very well written and very little filler You will read about Winn and Deem, a pair of friends who seem to find their fair share of problems while trying to fix the one you're reading about. They see a spirit running next to the bus, little did they know this spirit is known as a skin walker Winn and Deem finds a man who knows a lot about the mormon religion, and the secrets the local group hold, and before he can help them, they walk in on a murder in progress. Who would kill this man?

What secrets does this mormon sector not want told? Deem later realizes her life is in danger because she's looking in places not meant to be found for her father's journals. Can she keep herself alive?